Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Season 11 updates

Roman Sinitsyn informed me of an audio set from Dutch sample library development company ProjectSAM entitled "Symphobia Colours: Animator," which contains many short instrumental stings that have recently played in several season 11 episodes such as "Karen's Virus" and "Girls' Night Out." Thanks!


  1. Hey Allen, would you mind sending me the cues from ProjectSAM and Big Fish Audio? Also I wanted to know if you have any optigan tracks? Thanks

    1. Sorry, but as a rule I don't like to share download links here, and the ProjectSAM cues as heard in the show may not even be possible to provide. If you look at the demo videos on ProjectSAM's website, the instrumental samples are essentially "piano notes" with many different variants in pitch, length, and intensity. Most of the specific arrangements heard in SpongeBob are unique to the show and would be rather difficult and time-consuming to accurately reconstruct; a few were hard enough to even identify in the first place. I don't have any full-length Optigan tracks either.

  2. Well, does SpongeBob use any of the Symphobia 1 Orchestral Hits and Rips, also by ProjectSAM?