Sunday, March 15, 2015

"Chum Caverns" and "The Masterpiece" updates

Jake Cummings identified "Bridge H" by Gregor Narholz as playing in these two episodes. Thanks!


  1. Hi you're my last hope, could you please help me identify this song? im sure i heard it before (instrumentally), probably in spongebob.
    its the song that plays at 4:30 please help me you're my only hope

    thank you!!

    1. Not sure. I don't recall hearing it in SpongeBob, or any other show. It could be an original composition by Eddie Horst. Sounds similar to "Jumping Joker" by Julius Steffaro (a DeWolfe Music track that was used in one of John Kricfalusi's Adult Swim bumpers).

      Another similar-sounding track can be heard at 5:37 in this video:

  2. thanks so much for the quick reply! :) that rabbit song in the link i knew it well, it was used a lot in the old spanish looney tunes dubbing,

    When shazamed in my phone the song im looking for, i gave me a video of some russian comedian that uses the very beginning of the song at the very beginning of the video

    thank you for helping me anyway :)

    1. Found it! It's "Who Wears the Pants" by Jack Trombey, a DeWolfe Music track:!/?id=1822226&code=28uHdc

    2. Also, in the De Wolfe Music Library, there's a track that I've heard in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail": "Flying Messenger" by Oliver Armstrong, when Sir Lancelot kills everyone at Swamp Castle. On Wikipedia, it shows a small list of tracks from the music library used for the film.

    3. Yes, Python used DeWolfe Music a lot. There's an album on Amazon containing some of the DeWolfe tracks used in Monty Python. I've also heard DeWolfe tracks in some of the "Fractured Fairy Tales" segments on Rocky & Bullwinkle (at least on the DVD sets; I don't know if their music was used in the original airings or not).

  3. Oh my God! You actually found it!! thank you sooo much!! i been wondering about that song almost since 2006 , i knew it existed! this is great
    Thank you!!! you are amazing :D

  4. Can i please ask for your help one more time? :D i know you havent indetified it yet cause is not on the "Pest of the West" music list, but theres a short fiddle song where a crude drawing of patrick appears, it also plays in this episode of courage the cowardly dog, and in south park

    and here :)

    Sorry for asking again, im just so happy you can find songs XD
    Thank you!!

    1. Sorry, couldn't find it. I've added it to the Unknown Tracks post.

  5. Ok don't worry! Thank you very very much for helping me anyway! :D

  6. Seems my original comment went astray somehow...?
    Anyway, you wouldn't happen to good message board for fans of stock music, would you?

    1. Didn't your previous comment just say "test?" I apologize for the comment moderation, but lately I've deemed it necessary to prevent possible flame wars.

      As for your question, not sure. I know the Library Music Themes forum shut down recently, but I'm unaware of any replacements at the moment. I have been considering starting a more general stock music blog at some point, but it's not a sure thing.

    2. I guess I goofed and never posted the original. Oh well.
      The reason I ask is that I was hoping for some help with APM tracks on the game Toonstruck. I posted it at Library Music Themes (no one seemed interested), and Toonzone (no replies- yet). I got most of it done, but the cutscenes are going to be tricky since they don't have separate audio tracks with helpful file names!

    3. Not familiar with that game, sorry.

    4. Hey tymime. If you're here, I want to say something in regards to Toonstruck:

      Would all of these be the correct cues that play in these scenes according to the APM site?:

      Old Prague Theme - Zdenek Bartak (Intro)

      Showtime fill (b) – Gary Kettel (cutscene 5)

      Showtime Fill (b, k) – Gary Kettel (Cutscene 18)

      Orchestral Climax 12 and 13 - Gregor Narholz (cutscene 22)

      Runaway Train (b) - David Farnon (cutscene 26)

      City Sound – Gerhard Trede (cutscene 27)

      Showtime fill (b) – Gary Kettel, Big Show Theme – Robert Sharples (cutscene 28)

      Pure Chintz – Richard Myhill (cutscene 47)

      Sugar Cane Samba – Dennis Farnon (cutscene 52)

      Main Street - Gerhard Trede (cutscene 54)

      Bat Stabs – David Farnon (ending)

      Also, would this link below be the theremin sound effect in cutscenes 52 and 54?

    5. Thanks! They all sound correct to me. I'll update the threads I've posted to.
      Good catch with 'Sugar Cane Samba'. Since 'King Conga' is in the game for some reason, I always assumed that was it since they're so similar.

    6. Hey tymime, a few more things I want to say regarding Toonstruck.

      Could you check if all of these are the correct cues that play in these scenes according to the APM site?:

      - Orchestral Climax 16 – Gregor Narholz (cutscene 34 and 35)

      - Orchestral Climax 1 – Gregor Narholz (cutscene 35)

      - Mounting the Scaffold 1 - Gregor Narholz, Armed Attack 1 – Mladen Franko (cutscene 36)

      - One of the “Shock Discord”s by David Farnon (cutscene 38)

      - Games Played in the Dark (cutscene 40)

      - About Turn – Dick Walter (cutscene 43)

      - Orchestral Climax 1 – Gregor Narholz (cutscene 43)

      - Drama Link (c, j) – Hubert Clifford (cutscene 52)

      Finally, would this be the correct cue in this scene?

      - Swan Lake Waltz by Tchaikovsky (cutscene 40)

    7. Thanks again.
      It's gonna be hard picking out what version of the classical pieces are used...

    8. Hey tymime, sorry to bother you again. But, I think I have some more Toonstruck info for you. Just check the APM site to make sure I'm telling you correct info.

      Barbier of Sevilla – Overture (cutscene 11)

      Dramatic Cue (d) (cutscene 23)

      Life or Death (cutscene 25)

      Down the Pan (b) (cutscene 28)

      Lying Low (cutscene 29)

      Dramatic Cue (c), (g) (cutscene 29)

      Orchestral Climax 4, Shock Discord (a) - David Farnon (cutscene 40)

      Orchestral Climax 5 (cutscene 42)

      Drama link (c) (drama sting in cutscene 52)

      Russian Dance – Andrew Hall (cutscene 52)

      20th Century Gothic (d) and another version of 20th Century Gothic (ending)

      Orchestral Climax 8 (ending)

      Orchestral Effect (f) (ending)

      Drama link (b) – Hubert Clifford, Climax for Strings 7 – Gregor Narholz (ending)

      Danger Ahead (ending)

      Smouldering Fury (a) (ending)

      Also, Allen J., in terms of Toonstuck, would the piece at 6:40-6:44 in this link be a Marcin Pospieszalski piece?:

      For this same link, do you know the piece that plays from 6:58-7:37, and is the piece from 6:21-6:30 something by John Fox or Sonoton?

    9. 6:21-6:30 sounds like "Dramatic String Effects 5" by John Fox, followed by one of the "Drama Links" by Hubert Clifford. 6:40-6:44 is "Glimmering 38 D#Min" from Peter Siedlaczek's Orchestral Colours. 6:58-7:37 is "Shopping Around" by Clive Richardson.

    10. It's no bother at all! I've been slowly working on the Toonstruck soundtrack for years, and it's great to get some real progress on it.
      I'm not sure about the Barber of Seville bit- it sure sounds the same, but the CD it comes from is supposed to have come out in 1997, a year after the game came out. Maybe it's from something older?
      I'm not hearing 'Lying Low' anywhere though. It is similar to the music immediately after 'Mounting the Scaffold'... I'm not hearing 'Drama Link (b)' or 'Danger Ahead' either.
      'Russian Dance' could be edited from several of the versions, so I'll go with (a).

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  7. A few final things I'll say about Toonstruck, tymime:

    Would the 3:56-4:18 part in the ending be "Danger Ahead"?

    Would the 4:21-4:33 part in the ending be "Shopping Around"?

    Finally, would the 6:26-6:29 part in the ending be both 'Drama Link (b)(towards the end of the track)' and "Climax for Strings 7"?

    Also, Allen J., if you want to help us identify more Toonstruck tracks, I guess just look at tymime's post and see what you can do.


    1. Well, I can see how I missed 'Drama Link (b)', what with it being mixed together with two other things.
      Everything else sounds good as well.

    2. Hey tymime. A few things:

      - Would "Dramatic String Effects 6" be the "extra trumpets" cue in Toonstruck Cutscene 42?

      - Would "Dramatic Chord" by David Farnon be the "opening chord" in cutscene 52?

      - Would "Commemoration" by Barrie Hingley be the "stately music" in cutscene 29?

      - Also, would the "kpm drama" piece in cutscene 29 be "Finger of Fear"?

      Also, Allen J., do you think you could help me identify these tracks?:










    3. The music from 5:00-5:55 in the last video is "Crime Doesn't Pay" by Jack Beaver.

    4. One more thing, tymime:

      Would the "some more drama" piece in cutscene 29 be “Wildwasserfahrt”?

    5. Yup. That's one of the ones that was meant for the sequel. Guess I haven't listened to it often enough.

    6. Also, tymime:

      Is the exciting orchestra in cutscene 29 "Drama Shock (e)"?

    7. Hey, tymime:

      I may have another "Toonstruck" track for you

      "Dark Alley", which plays in the 6:30-6:39 of the ending

    8. Also, I may have more new tracks for you:

      - Ironies 2 (b) (Cutscene 46)
      - Ironies 3 (Cutscene 47)

    9. I think I have some more:
      - Die Fledermaus Overture (cutscene 41)
      - Pounding Heart Beat (the foreboding music in cutscene 29)

    10. I couldn't find the exact version of the Strauss piece, but then... some of the other classical pieces don't seem to be on APM either...
      The other sounds right.

    11. A few more things.

      Would all of this be right?:

      2:27-2:35 Dramatic String Effects 5
      3:22-3:27 Dramatic String Effects 5

      Cutscene 29-
      0:00-0:18 "Armed Attack 4" followed by "Lying Low"

      Cutscene 32-
      "Armed Attack 4"


      Nightmare Begins (a) #58 (ending from 0:02-0:57)

      5:07-5:12 Dramatic String Effects 3
      5:42-5:47 Dramatic String Effects 2

    12. Sounds good here. Slowly filling in those gaps...

    13. Would these sound good, as well?

      Intro 2:58-3:04 Descriptive Items 3

      Cutscene 12 0:09-0:19 Drama Shock (c)

      Cutscene 29 9:38-9:41 Drama Shock (c)

      9:59-10:07 Drama Shock (c)

      Cutscene 40 0:35-0:40 Descriptive Items 5

      Cutscene 40 )0:52-0:54 Drama Shock (f)

    14. Sounds good to me. Got some hard to hear ones this time...

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    16. Also tymime, a few more things:

      - Would the flute trill in cutscene 29 be the 0:34 part of "Finger of Fear"?

      - Would the 4:34-4:35 part of the ending cutscene be the 0:11-0:13 section of "Shopping Around" according to this link?:

      Also Allen J., could you help me identify possible APM/CPM tracks in the portions of these links:


      5:28-5:31- Could this one be something from "Peter Siedlaczek's Orchestral Colours?"



    17. Guess that drop in the audio during "Shopping Around" confused me.
      Updated the thread for sure this time.
      Speaking of which, it might be easier for both of us if you registered at the forums. I don't imagine they wouldn't let you in.

    18. Hey tymime! It's been a while.

      First of all, I actually don't have interest in joining the forum.

      Secondly, do you think you might re-post the "Toonstruck" music breakdowns on the new Library Music Themes forum here (using the comments in this blog post for reference):

      If so, I think I may have some new APM "Toonstruck" tracks for you for the intro:

      - 3:27-3:50 - "Mind Games (e)"
      - 3:50-3:58 - "A Day Out (h)"
      - 4:16-4:28 - "Time Slips By (d)"

      Please let me know what you think about all of this. Thanks!

  8. Confirmed. Thanks.
    I've been meaning to repost it.

    1. Also tymime,

      for the Toonstruck Intro, would this info be correct?:

      Warning 1 (a) is the sting edited in with “Sense of Threat” & plays from 2:53-2:57

      Age of Unrest (f) plays twice (from 1:46-2:05 and from 2:35-2:40)

      For cutscene 48-50 (sunglasses),
      Would the piano glissando be track 54 around the 0:08 mark in this playlist?:

    2. Thanks. Figures that one was a sound effect.
      By the way, you probably noticed that Library Music Themes moved again (it's .net now).

    3. Finally, tymime,

      you can try contacting the composer on "Toonstruck" about any remaining unknown music, sound effects, etc. for your breakdowns at:

      I hope this helps!

    4. I guess I can give it a shot.

    5. Hey tymime.

      I was just wondering if you contacted Keith Arem yet, and if so, did he get back to you yet?

      If you haven't contacted him yet, you can ask him if he knows any of the remaining unknown tracks used in Toonstruck, if he has cue sheets of music used in the game somewhere, and/or if he can access any possible cue sheets of the game's music on sites like ASCAP or BMI.

      Please let me know. Thanks!

  9. I sent him a message. He said that he needs to find the cuesheets, but I haven't heard any more from him.

    1. Do you think "Brass Flourish (h)" plays at the 2:47 mark before another piece in cutscene 29?

      Also, do you think you might try messaging Keith Arem again about any of the remaining tracks in Toonstruck, and give him links to them?

      Let me know. Thanks!

    2. Yup, that's it.

      I just messaged him again. Here's hoping.

    3. Hello tymime, I just happened to come across this page, and here's a track for cutscene 29 after "Brass Flourish (h)" plays and when Nefarious is on camera:

      - Newsreel March - Robert Farnon (CPM)[0]=newsreel%20march&trackname=on&onpage=20

    4. Thanks. Wish I had more time to do this myself.

      In other news, I haven't heard back from Arem. Don't know where he disappeared to...

    5. Hey tymime! I think someone left some info for you in a reply on the Toonstruck cutscene post at the LMT forum.

      Just thought I'd let you know.

    6. Hello tymime! Say, I was wondering if you can help me with identifying some possible library music tracks from "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" by posting this video link on either the "Track IDs" or "Requests" section of the LMT forum for me, please?

      You see, I'm not interested in making an account with this forum.

      Please let me know. Thanks!

      P.S. This video's channel "Perfectpitcher88" is actually my channel. Maybe check out my voice impressions and subscribe if you haven't already!

    7. Hello tymime. Sorry to bother you again, but I was wondering if you could post this video link of mine in the "Track IDs" section of the LMT forum for me please?:

      Also, you can disregard the link I provided on March 25th.

      But, please let me know if you can ask on the forum about the new link I just mentioned. Thanks!

  10. Hey, Allen. I have a few questions regarding Toonstruck.

    1) I think the music that plays in this clip from 2:45-2:47:

    is the same music that plays in this clip of the South Park episode "Cripple Fight" at 0:11-0:12 in this video:

    Could this possibly be from Peter Siedlaczek's Orchestral Colours?

    2) Also, the piece that plays from 5:59-6:16 in the Toonstruck intro might also play in this video from 0:05-0:08:

    Could this also be from Peter Siedlaczek's Orchestral Colours?

    What do you think? Let me know. Thanks!