Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Pest of the West" update

MAKEBELIEVE found another one: "Western Pop" by Laurent Michel Lombard. Thanks again!


  1. I can't say if this will be of much use, but I found an interesting forum with a ton of library music info, and I came upon these lists:
    APM and several other libraries are mentioned, so perhaps one of these other libraries might have some of the unknown tracks...I hope this helps!

    1. The "Accidents Will Happen" and "Love That Squid" vibraphone cues might be Michael Naura or Wolfgang Schluter compositions, as I am running into extremely similar pieces on APM's site by Naura and Schluter, although they might be Nicolas Carr cues.

  2. For the same post again, I think track #75 is this:

    - Bahamas