Friday, October 5, 2012

Track title updates

Not new tracks per se, but a correction to some of the titles listed here. For a long time, I've listed some of Gerhard Trede's tracks from the album SCD 487 "Archival 6 - Spies and Detectives" as playing in the show (such as "Cell 501" and "Sneak Up"). However, the album TREDE 5 "Crime and Mystic" contains differently-titled versions of these tracks, which are in stereo (the SCD 487 versions are mono). Since the stereo versions appear to be the ones used in the show, I've updated the blog accordingly. Thanks to MAKEBELIEVE for bringing this to my attention a while back.
  • "Brutal A" is now "Zelle 502"
  • "Brutal B" is now "Zelle 503"
  • "Brutal C" is now "Zelle 506"
  • "Cell 501" is now "Zelle 501"
  • "Commissioners" is now "Kommissar Maigret"
  • "Mystery X" is now "Kommissar X"
  • "Sneak Up" is now "Hercule Poirot"


  1. Here's some more suggestions I can give you on finding unknown APM tracks from SpongeBob:

    - Try clicking on the "Pop/Rock" category and click on the subcategory "Country/Western" on the APM website to find the "Kowboy Krab" track from "Bossy Boots".

    - Try clicking on the "Featured Instruments" category on the APM website. Then, click on "VIBRAPHONE / XYLOPHONE / MARIMBA" to find the remaining track in "Pranks a Lot", the remaining track in "Party Pooper Pants", or the "warm snail milk" track from "New Digs".

    - Try clicking on the "Dance Music (Traditional) category". Then, click on the "Slow Dance/ Ballad" subcategory to find the "perfume department" music from "Shanghaied".

    I hope this helps!

    1. Um, MAKEBELIEVE, don't you think that the second track you mentioned might be the original composition?